We’ve been following so many leaks and rumors about Motorola’s plans for its second-gen Moto 360 smartwatch that it’s been easy to start accepting all of them on face value … including one from just the other day that pointed to a possible September 8 launch. As it turns out, we won’t have to wait nearly so long, and this afternoon, as part of a string of new Lenovo announcements, Motorola has formally announced the new Moto 360.

It was pretty clear coming into this that we were looking at a nice variety of new hardware options, first as leaks pointed to a pair of large and small size options for the new 360, and later as we got a look at the Moto 360 Sport. The truth is even more varied than we could have hoped for.

Motorola is releasing the new Moto 360 in both men’s and women’s models. Men get a choice of 42mm or 46mm face sizes, while women get a 42mm watch with a narrower band.

From there, shoppers have even more custom options to decide on in the Moto Maker, choosing from a number of case colors like silver, black, and gold (rose gold for the ladies), as well as separate choices for bezel color. You even have your choice of textured bezel treatments: chamfer or micro-knurl for the men, and peak or micro-etch for women. And just as we’d expect, you’ll find half-a-dozen options when it comes to bands.



Moto Body support lets users take advantage of the watch’s sensors (including an integrated heart rate monitor) to track their activity, and as this is a new Android Wear model, there’s iOS support out-of-the-box.

Motorola’s put a premium on battery life for the new Moto 360, and with Ambient Mode disabled, users can expect roughly double the life they got from the first-gen smartwatch (well, for the full-sized men’s model – we’ll get to that in a second). Like before, the watch supports wireless charging.

The new Moto 360 runs a Snapdragon 400 – goodbye, OMAP! The 42mm versions pack a 300mAh battery, while the 46mm upgrades to a 400mAh component. All these options are protected by Gorilla Glass 3, have 512MB of RAM, 4GB storage, and support WiFi connections in addition to the standard Bluetooth. While the watch is dust and water-resistant, Motorola isn’t calling it full-on waterproof.

Pre-orders for the new Moto 360 open today, with prices ranging from $300 to $430, depending on options.

Source: Motorola, Play Store

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