New MaxSense UI Combines Elements of Sense 2.5 & Android

Maxycy, from XDA-developers, is well-known for his mods to Sense 2.5, specifically his MaxManila series. Well, it looks like he’s starting a new project that takes aspects of Sense 2.5 and combines them with Android inspirations. This time, he’s “ripped apart” Manila 2.5, so he can start from scratch. He mentions, “The core is quite similar to Sense UI, however, it will be a combination of all the things that I wanted on my phone. The speed is surprisingly very good.”

The video above shows the project in its infancy. There’s clearly the capability to slide between panels, like in Android or Mobile Shell, although it’s unclear what we’ll be able to add to those extra panels once it’s finalized. Also similar to Android, a quick launcher is revealed by activating a window shade found at the bottom of the home screen. You can tap to activate/close it quickly or drag it up and down. Currently, there are two buttons present at the bottom on either side of the home screen. One looks to be for settings and the other displays the traditional Sense clock. It seems as if all the Sense 2.5 tabs are now represented as shortcuts on the home screen, which should make it easy to jump to specific content.

Since Maxycy has the ability to create quality hacks, MaxSense will be worth keeping an eye on. Again, it’s still in early development, but the developer is already seeking feedback. If you have any well thought-out ideas for the interface, drop him a line in his MaxSense thread. He’s also looking for capable designers to help skin the interface. Don’t forget to comment your ideas here as well. We’ll surely keep you posted when there are any major developments regarding the project.

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