Traditional laptops aren’t exactly our bread and butter here at Pocketnow, but mobile tech is mobile tech, and every once in a while a manufacturer puts our that’s flashy enough, powerful enough, or just cool enough to force us to sit up and take notice; a little over a year ago, Apple did just that as it launched its incredibly thin new MacBook. For a few weeks now we’ve been wondering when a follow-up might roll along, and heard rumors about some new 13- and 15-inch models that could be due any month now – maybe making an appearance at WWDC. Well, Apple may have just set the dates for this year’s conference, but it turns out we won’t be waiting until June to get our first taste of new MacBook hardware, with the company today announcing its latest MacBook refresh.rose-macbook

We’re not looking at any new sizes here, sticking with the 12-inch screen and 13.1-mm thickness that made last year’s MacBook so popular, while concentrating on upgrades to internal components. While that doesn’t quite manage to make good on last month’s rumor, maybe we’ve still got some larger-screen (while still crazy-thin) MacBooks waiting for us at WWDC.

Apple’s giving the new MacBook the latest dual-core Intel Core M chips, available in speeds up to a 1.3GHz Core m7, higher-speed solid-state storage, and an updated GPU. Despite the laptop’s size staying consistent, Apple’s managed to squeeze out an extra hour of battery life, giving users ten hours of web browsing or eleven hours of video playback on a charge.

This new MacBook refresh also manages to introduce a fresh color option to the lineup, expanding on the gold, silver, and gray shades of last year to add a new rose gold option – just like on the latest iPhones.

And while it’s not directly related to this next-gen MacBook, Apple informs us that it’s tricking out the existing MacBook Air models it sells with an 8GB RAM baseline.

Apple begins selling its latest MacBook models today, starting at about $1300 for 1.1GHZ/256GB flash configuration, and moving on up from there.

Source: Apple

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