New look Google Feed screen on Pixel phones

Many of you still call it Google Now, but the company doesn’t seem too jazzed on that name. Instead, we find the feed, a blended page of intuitive reminders and the latest news, making its way into at least one more third-party launcher and a new look on the Pixel.

Specifically, Redditor the-solar-sailer has dropped shot after shot of the redesign on their unrooted Pixel XL running the May build of Android 7.1.2 and using the native Pixel Launcher. The only retouching done on each shot is to remove location data on the weather modules.

You can see more shots at the source link below this article, but the general gist of the changes takes away the stark white background for the page and, instead, puts a shader down for what could more accurately be described as an intermediate page — you’ll see why in a second. Tip-top, we have a text bar for the search engine, an “inbox” button and Google settings in the hamburger button. Top Google functions and searches go right below while the information feed retains its card motif.

The “related stories” card for any certain topic has a “pull tab” from the right — otherwise, a swipe from the right takes you back home. Meanwhile, the cards on this shaded page cannot be swiped away. Instead, users will have to tap that “inbox” button and that will lead to the “old” experience with the white background.

As this redesign has made its way out to a general population device, look forward to this change if you have a Pixel phone.

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