How do you like to read your e-books? Some of us get by just fine on a phone or phablet screen, while others insist on the larger format of tablets. But regardless of what size smart device you choose, we’re likely still talking about a bright LCD or OLED screen. Just like with sizes, how you feel about screen tech is largely a matter of preference, but when you’re going to be looking at a display for hours on end, both those options can end up being a little hard on your eyes. That’s why so many readers decide to go with a dedicated e-paper device, just like Amazon’s been offering for years with its Kindle line: nice, crisp text, great battery life, and most importantly, a reflective screen that’s super-easy on the eyes. Now it looks like a new Kindle options is just around the corner, as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos teases an announcement coming next week.

All Bezos is saying for the moment is that a “top-of-the-line” eight generation Kindle is nearly ready to make its debut, and that Amazon will share details of the hardware sometime next week.

That high-end comment suggest we’re looking at a follow-up to 2014’s Kindle Voyage, featuring an adaptive frontlight and pressure-sensitive page-turn sensors; it currently retails for just about $200.

As for what improvements we could hope to see on this new Kindle, a higher-res, higher-contrast screen feels like a good iterative guess, but we’d also hope to see an all-new feature or two arrive to help distinguish this new model from predecessors.

Source: Jeff Bezos (Twitter)

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