Despite what some rumors might have you believe, tossing around claims of all number of new iPhone or iPad models, we haven’t really been expecting any product announcements from Apple in the immediate future. Sure, there’s a chance we’ll learn of something once we get into the summer, but as for the next few weeks – including WWDC 2013 – we wouldn’t have bet on anything. That’s why we’re a little surprised to hear of a new entry in Apple’s lineup this morning.

No, we’re not dealing with anything so important as a new iPhone, but instead a new version of the iPod touch. Up until now, the most recent hardware was available only in a 32GB or 64GB configuration, with the previous-gen iPod touch 4 filling in for the 16GB option. Now Apple’s dropping that 16GB model and replacing it with one based on the iPod touch 5.

A new storage option on its own isn’t so interesting, but that’s not all that’s unique about this new hardware. For instance, while the 32GB and 64GB iPod touch models continue to offer five-megapixel main cameras, the new 16GB version has only a front-facer. It’s similarly missing the lanyard connection on the handset’s rear.

So while this new model skimps on the features, it also manages to come in with a low price tag of about $230, and you still get all the goodness of a four-inch Retina display and A5 SoC.

Source: Apple
Via: The Verge

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