The iPhone 5C, Apple’s low-cost iPhone, is either the company’s worst kept secret, or its biggest bluff to date, judging by the huge amount of leaks we’ve seen in the past. These leaks tried to represent, among other things, the color palette in which the plastic iPhone will purportedly be available.

However, the image above, coming from Vietnam, claims to represent the real colors in which the phone will be available. The phones are dummy units but the colors are claimed to be the real deal. We’re looking at black, white, cyan, pink, green, and amber, in the image above, and, a truckload more at the source below.

The iPhone 5C is just a rumor for now, but, if it turns out to be true, it will be unveiled at the September 10 event Apple will reportedly hold (no invites have been sent out yet), alongside the next generation iPhone 5.

Source: Tinhte
Via: 9to5mac

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