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New iPhone 12 display issues have caught Apple’s attention

By Samuel Martinez November 19, 2020, 12:23 am

Apple’s latest iPhone 12 lineup has recently hit the shelves, and even though they are great phones, they aren’t perfect. Just last weekend, we saw that some users had started reporting issues with the iPhone 12 mini’s Lock Screen sensitivity, while the iPhone 12 and Pro had problems related to the Messages app. However, it seems that the list doesn’t end there. Now, more iPhone 12 devices have started presenting other display issues.

It seems that the new iPhone lineup is having more problems than expected. User’s complaints usually mentioned missing SMS messages or notifications in the 6.1-inch variants of the iPhone 12, or devices that have to do with the iPhone 12 mini, and how its Lock Screen doesn’t recognize the press or swipe to unlock when they used their thumbs.


The latest bug is also related to the display of the iPhone 12, which is now presenting a greenish tint and flickering. These issues have started to show up on Apple’s Support Community page, and unfortunately, there’s no immediate solution in sight.

The guys over at MacRumors got their hands on an internal document where Apple acknowledges the issue in some iPhone 12 displays, and it has also started to give instructions as to what to do when encountering these problems.

“In the document, shared with Apple Authorized Service Providers this week, Apple says that it is aware of customer reports related to this issue and is investigating. Apple has advised technicians to avoid servicing affected iPhones, at least for now, and instead inform customers that they should keep their iPhone up to date with the latest iOS version. This guidance suggests that Apple may be confident that it can fix the issue in a future software update.”

This is not the first time iPhone displays have presented this issue, as the previous iPhone 11 lineup was also affected by a similar problem. However, Apple managed to fix it with the iOS 13.6.1 software update, meaning that flickering, a green or gray glow, or other unintended lighting variations in the iPhone 12 lineup could soon be fixed with a future software update.

In the meantime, try setting the display’s brightness to 90% or lower and see if the issue is also affecting your iPhone 12, as users claim that this is when the display starts to show unwanted variations.

Source MacRumors


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