New iPad: What We Love, What We Hate (Video)

There’s a lot to love about the new iPad. On the contrary, there are several key areas that bring us frustration. Let’s dissect these areas.


Screen characteristics: The screen on the new iPad is warmer, not as bright, and has lesser viewing angles when compared to the display on the iPad 2. It’s likely that the former two issues are related.

Size and weight: For a device that attempts to change the way we consume content, the new iPad is far too heavy and thick. After several days of use, we can say that–yes–the size and weight difference between the iPad 2 and 3 is noticeable. Make sure you get a good case with a stand!

Charge time: The new iPad’s massive battery takes about seven hours to fully charge, compared to three or four hours with the iPad 2. This means that you’re less likely to charge your new iPad on a whim, given the amount of time that you’ll have to allocate to get it to 100%.


The screen clarity: After many hours of reading with the new iPad, I can report that my eyes are feeling very good. As mentioned in the unboxing, I would experience tremendous eye strain after reading on the iPad 2 for several hours, probably because my eyes were struggling to focus on the pixelated text.

LTE: Quite simply, having LTE on your iPad is like having very-fast WiFi wherever you go. This really comes into play when streaming video, downloading apps, and browsing the web. And because you can turn on LTE as you need it, you’re not having to commit yourself to two years of paying for a data bill.

Overall, the new iPad is a site to behold. It leaves us itching to see what the Android OEMs are working on for 2012. Hopefully a tablet with super-high resolution, great battery life, AND a thin and light design is on its way out.

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