New iPad vs. iPad 2 and Apple’s First iPad (Video)

If you’ve never owned a tablet, there’s no device that we could recommend more than Apple’s New iPad. We rarely give any product we review a full score of 5 stars out of 5, so there’s no mistaking that this is simply one of the best tablets you can purchase at the moment. No product is perfect though, and Apple’s past versions of the iPad are also good choices to pick from. With Apple’s recent decision to sell their New iPad along with last year’s iPad 2, and with the ease that you can find the First-Gen iPad on eBay for a good price, choices can become complicated for any first-time buyer.

Then there is another big list of us who probably already own a First-Gen iPad or an iPad 2, but that are not sure if moving to Apple’s New iPad is worth the money. In our next video, we compare each of these devices side-by-side in the things that matter to you the most. Hopefully this will help you decide on your next move.

As you can see, even though all three products are winners, it’s important to point out that they were all winners in their own time. Technology has evolved quite a bit in the past three years, so even though all three iPads look a lot like each other, the internals tell a different story once you compare them in action. Have a look at the following detailed comparison table to help you choose to stay or move-on.

120330 Pocketnow Ipad table copy

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