New iPad Unboxing

With an insane 2048×1536 resolution, the new iPad is a sight to behold. The display no longer looks like a display in the traditional sense: it looks like print, though a bit brighter. That’s how a tablet should be, and it’s likely that in 2012, other tablet purveyors will come to the table with super-high-resolution tablets.

Choosing an iPad is no easy task with two carriers, two colors, and three capacities to choose from. I went with the 32GB White Verizon model. White because it hides fingerprints better, 32GB because 16GB is not enough anymore and 64GB is probably overkill, and Verizon because their LTE is more ubiquitous that AT&T’s, even though AT&T’s fallback 3G network is much faster than Verizon’s EVDO.

First impressions of the iPad? Here are some:

1. Our unit seems to be having some responsiveness problems. It could be a software bug, or the tablet getting synchronized for the first time, but several times, for example, the keyboard has had trouble keeping up.

2. Google Maps looks incredible, but Street View is relatively low-resolution

3. The weight and thickness increase versus the iPad 2 is imperceptible

4. Overall, it looks and feels like an iPad 2 with a far superior display!

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