We’re just days away from Apple’s next event, and if we’ve been reading things right, it’s looking like we’re about to see the launch of some brand new iOS hardware, including both a four-inch phone and 9.7-inch tablet. As we get closer and closer to March 21, we continue to pick up new details about these devices, including how we expect to see them released. We just heard a little about what we’re likely looking at in terms of storage and pricing options for the new iPhone, and now we turn our attention to the new iPad, as a rumor addresses Apple’s retail plans for the tablet.

Reportedly, we’ll see the new iPad, which rumors have been suggesting will arrive under the iPad Pro brand, sell starting at just about $600. That would be for the tablet’s base 32GB edition; beyond that, a 128GB option has been mentioned, as well as the usual LTE-connected version.

We haven’t heard specific prices for either, but if the situation’s anything like it is with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the 128GB tablet should run $150 more (so, $750) and the cellular option should add $130 on top of that. It’s also unclear if there will even be a 32GB LTE configuration, or if Apple will reserve cellular connectivity for only the 128GB model.

That would mark a higher starting price than Apple’s past 9.7-inch iPad models, but we’re also talking about a tablet with more storage than the 16GB of iPads past, to say nothing of other premium features rumored for the new iPad Pro. Check with Pocketnow on Monday for full details of Apple’s announcement, including confirmation of pricing for this new iPad.

Source: 9to5 Mac

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