Did you take advantage of HTC’s Black Friday deal and pick up its new RE camera accessory for half price? Knocking one hundred dollars off its cost sure made the unusual little gadget a lot more attractive, but maybe you’re not fully sold on it just yet. After all, there’s no viewfinder, only the most simplistic controls, and a form factor that isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Could it be worth it to sit this round out and wait for a more mature, more refined take on the RE from a second-generation model? It turns out that HTC’s working on just that, confirming plans for a new RE to launch sometime next year.

For the moment, we don’t have any more detail than that – no precise launch window, nor a hint of what to expect from the new RE’s hardware. But even lacking any direct insight into what we’re looking at from the second-gen RE, just hearing it confirmed like this is significant news. After all, this is new territory for HTC, and while the company has made progress towards turning its financials around, it’s still far from the biggest player on the mobile electronics scene. And not yet having a great sense for the RE camera’s sales performance, we wouldn’t have automatically assumed that moving forward with additional RE devices was a given.

But HTC is clearly quite optimistic about the first RE, hoping to sell some 400,000 units in just its native Taiwan alone. Its goal is crossing the threshold of five percent of smartphone users – get that many using your accessory, and you can safely say your product has made a name for itself.

CES and MWC are going to be far too early in 2015 for us to have any hope of this new RE appearing, but something closer to IFA in late summer could represent a stronger launch possibility.

Source: Focus Taiwan
Via: G for Games

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