We only got finished telling you about the latest rumors concerning the HTC One Mini’s launch schedule, when a whole bunch of new One Mini info has crossed our desk, delivering a new photo of the handset and touching back on a number of the phone’s supposed specs.

After Bloomberg was hesitant to refer to the One Mini as such, we began to have reservations about the phone’s name. Well, Engadget’s source seems far more confident, and clearly identifies this as the once-M4, now-One-Mini.

As for its specs, this source wasn’t able to confirm some key aspects like the 4.3-inch display’s resolution (presumed to be 720p), but we do get some new info. For instance, while the One Mini will mirror much of the One’s design, it won’t have an IR transceiver for acting as a universal remote.

We also get an update on the phone’s materials – after our last look, we were wondering if this was really going to be metal like the One, or possibly be a plastic frame with a few metallic accents. Supposedly, the One Mini keeps the One’s unibody metal chassis, but augments that with a plastic border just around the phone’s face – to protect the edge from damage, we wonder?

It’s also worth noting that Engadget refers to the phone’s launch “later this fall.” Putting aside the issue that that kind of language only makes sense if we’re already into the season of fall (and it’s not even summer yet), we were just talking about a possible August launch, so we wonder if Engadget’s source has some new insight into the One Mini’s availability that he’s not quite spelling out.

Source: Engadget

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