You’ve heard the news, you’ve read the review, you’ve watched our hands-on videos: have you made up your mind yet about HTC’s new One? If you are itching to go ahead and buy yourself the company’s latest smartphone, you’ve got a ton of options, and HTC has really gotten a leg up on Samsung and its Galaxy S5 today by making the new One immediately available. Just how you’ll go about purchasing the phone depends on what edition you have in mind, and which carriers you’re interested in using for service. Let’s take a look at your options:

Verizon is the only carrier in the US to offer the new One in its stores today. You’ll pay just about $200 for the phone on-contract, or $600 free and clear.

AT&T and Sprint are currently accepting online orders for the phone (and shipping them out), but won’t have any units on-hand in retail stores for a couple weeks. Both carriers match Verizon’s $200 on-contract pricing, while AT&T’s full retail price is $640, and Sprint’s is $650.

T-Mobile is in a slightly worse boat. The carrier won’t get the new One at all until April 11 – and that includes online sales, too. All told, you’ll pay $636 for the handset.

Maybe Sense 6.0 really doesn’t sing to you, and you’d prefer a more stock Android experience. Google is currently selling the Google Play edition of the new One for about $700. Orders should ship in two to three weeks.

Finally, HTC is also releasing an unlocked version of the new One, as well as a developer edition. Both should be hitting the company’s website, priced close to $650, but we haven’t seen sales of either go live just yet.

Source: Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, Google

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