Pixel 3

From time to time people make time to break down codes in software and look for important clues of what may be coming in a not so distant future. Well someone seems to have found the possible code names for the upcoming Google devices in the last ARCore update.

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL devices have been launched recently buy apparently Google is already working on their next smartphones. We know that the company is used to giving fish codenames to its devices and this time doesn’t seem to be different. Bonito and Sargo are the names that have popped out in the recent ARCore update. Bonito has been mentioned before by Roland Quandt in the Google Lens app, and its believed to be a mid-range pixel device. Sargo may be a whole different device, but let’s remember that this is just rumors and speculation and we will need to wait until we get some sort of confirmation from Google or more believable sources.

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