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If you’re freaked out by the number of ways your activities can be tracked by our almighty digital overlords (and any despot hacker), you may have to start screaming with the addition of another method to Google Maps on Android. Actually, it’s just a port-over from the web version of Maps.

That feature and a few¬†others have been picked up in an XDA code inspection of the app’s version 9.26.1 APK.

Keep in mind that these code strings can be changed or removed before any chance of activation.

For one, you could soon be sharing when you’re going to get “there” with all the people you need to. You know, without texting while driving. It looks like you can send an update to your friends and family telling them about how great/godawful this damn traffic is along with an estimated time of arrival. It may also be possible to automate this process to send texts or posts each time the traffic changes. It’s a nifty thing we’ve seen in ride-hailing apps that will be welcome on Maps.

Another hidden feature that’s actually usable right now for many of you is a Destination shortcut so that you can get instant directions back home or to work from wherever you are, right from your homescreen. You might not be aware of this feature because it’s tucked into the widget drawer and not the Maps app itself. And really, who goes dig around in their widget drawer in their spare time? The feature may get some more spotlighting within the app itself.

For our differently-abled peeps, Google is also planning on listing wheelchair accessibility in place listings. Toast notifications will start appearing for when you’re headed to a location that can’t be accessed by public transportation. The Maps app will also soon detect if you’re in a foreign area with iffy wireless coverage and ask if you’d like to download an offline map for the area.

Finally, Google Maps will also make available its Location History feature from its web app to its Android app. It should add on to the Timeline that listed the places you’ve been to on a daily basis.

Source: XDA-Developers
Via: BGR

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