Google is rolling out five new features to its Google Assistant. It has announced new automation and web features coming to its voice assistant. One of the most prominent features of the new update is the ability to find a lost iPhone. For reference, the feature has long been available on Android that uses the Google Assistant to trigger a sound for their smartphone if it gets lost. The same ability is now being added for iPhones. It is much like Apple’s Find My feature.

This new feature will enable smart-home users who have a Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker and the accompanying Google Home app for iOS find a misplaced device. You can trigger the alert by asking “Hey Google, find my phone” through a Google smart home device. Then, the Google Home app will send an iOS critical alert on the ‌iPhone‌. You’ll get a notification and hear a custom ringing sound. This would work even when the phone is on silent or if Do Not Disturb is enabled.

To make online food orders even easier, Assistant can now help you complete your purchase in only a few steps. You need to first search for a restaurant near you from the Google App on Android and select “Order Online” or “Order Pickup.”  Once online takeout is finished, Google Assistant will automatically navigate the site and fill out your contact and payment details saved in Google Pay and synced to Chrome Autofill. As of now the company is partnering with select restaurant chains and will be adding more across the U.S. later this year.

Google is adding more Routine features. For instance, you can automatically have your living room lights turn on and the sprinklers start when the sun goes down. Furthermore, it allows you to perform multiple actions at once with a single command.

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