The Google app updates we just shared with you – those for Keep, Play Movies, and Newsstand – are already on their way to users’ phones. But there’s one more update we’ve heard people talking about today that isn’t quite ready for prime time, and its changes aren’t yet set in stone, still the stuff of rumors. Although that puts us in a slightly less-than-enviable position for talking about it, it’s such a major component to how many Android users get things done on their smartphones that it’s worth giving an early look: it seems like Google’s been hard at work cooking up a new version of Gmail.

One big change appears to be the introduction of a number of additional categories for email. Instead of just grouping messages based on stemming from social sites, forums, or being promotional messages, the updated Gmail adds new categories for travel, finance, and purchases.

You can already star an email in order to mark it for your attention, but unless you’re filtering to just view those starred messages, they can easily get lost in your inbox. To give you an easier way to make mails stand out, Gmail looks like it’s adding a pinning feature, keeping pinned messages up at the top.

Finally, we hear about “snoozing” emails. Snoozing is basically a time-delayed mark-as-unread feature. If you open an email but don’t want to deal with it until a little while later, you can “snooze” the message for a set period of time, after which it will reappear as unread and move back up to the top of your inbox.

There’s no telling which of these features might make it to a public Gmail release – and it certainly sounds like Google is still playing around with them – but you may very well end up seeing a lot of this arrive as new Gmail updates roll out in the weeks and months to come.

Via: Android Central

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