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New Android Gmail app: download available now

By Stephen Schenck June 3, 2013, 3:48 pm

Last month, Google announced a new look for Gmail, introducing a number of new inboxes to help automatically split your messages up and let you quickly tab between them. At the time, Google talked about gradually making the new features available to both mobile and desktop users, phasing things in over several weeks. Well, the Android app is now on its way to at least some users, but even if you haven’t yet seen an update notification, you don’t have to be left out, as the APK has been made available for sideloading.

Those multiple inboxes are far from the extent of the changes present in this release. There’s a new Twitter-style swipe-to-refresh gesture implemented, and emptying the trash is made slightly more convenient, helping you keep a tidy inbox.

Still, it might not be for everyone. Google sure gave away a lot of screen real estate to user icons, and since the vast majority of email accounts out there aren’t tied to Gmail or Google+ icons, you’re going to be staring at a lot of big colorful letters (above) where you used to have more message preview space. Thankfully, it looks like you can disable those icons if you choose to. What do you think? Improvement or not?

Source: Google Play
Download: MediaFire
Via: Android Police

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