If the cornucopia of recent leaks is of any indication, the upcoming Galaxy Note7 will feature a USB Type-C port. All of the leaked images and renders (like the one above from @evleaks), seem to testify that the Micro USB on the bottom is gone. Thankfully the headphone jack port is still in.

It is also common knowledge, by now, that there will be a new Gear VR 2 headset accompanying the Note7. This is exactly because of the fact that the current Gear VR uses Micro USB connection, making the upcoming Note7 incompatible. Said headset will purportedly set you back 90EUR in Europe.

So where does that leave us with all that common knowledge? The image below allegedly depicts the upcoming new Gear VR 2 headset. Aside from the connectivity changes from Micro USB to USB-Type C, it will apparently be black, and have a slightly redesigned front fascia. The rest seems unchanged, at least judging by the what’s shown in the picture below, though we can’t really see the sides. However, seeing the focus ring still in the same place on the top, it’s safe to assume that the volume rockers are still on the right side, next to the D-Pad.

That’s not to say that this will only be a compatibility upgrade in order to accommodate the new connectivity options on the upcoming Note7. It is yet unclear whether this new Gear VR 2 headset will only be compatible with the Note7, or it will have backwards compatibility with previous Micro USB-enabled devices, like the Galaxy S7 (and edge), Note 5, and so on.

Samsung might also bring new functionality to the table, like new lenses, sensors, and an improved user experience. We will find out more at the August 2 event, and we’ll keep you posted.

New Gear VR PR

Source: PhonesReview


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