Over the years, we’ve heard many mobile browsers make the claim of being the fastest around, rendering even complicated web pages in a flash. Of course, these things never seem to last long, and there’s always someone else coming out with the latest version of their own browser and making new claims of superior performance. The latest to vie for the top spot is Dolphin, with the beta release of its new Dolphin Engine.

Just how much faster is the Dolphin Engine? Check out the video below, where Dolphin shows off its own browser in a head-to-head match against the competition. It becomes clear pretty quickly that Dolphin has quite the leg up on them when it comes to raw speed.

The online test suite HTML5test.com sure seems to confirm some of Dolphin’s other claims of the Dolphin Engine’s superiority, showing substantially increased HTML5 compatibility over even Chrome and Opera; compared to the stock Android browser, even in Ice Cream Sandwich, it’s night and day.

If you haven’t been able to check out Chrome because your phone hasn’t received an ICS update yet, worry not, for the Dolphin Engine should run just fine on older Android versions. The beta is available now through the source link below if you’re interested in checking it out.

Source: Dolphin
Via: MobileBurn

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