Meet the New BlackBerry (Video)

Forget four-second-long teaser videos of that so-called BlackBerry Mercury, as we can now share with our friends and readers a two-minute, well, teaser video starring the “New BlackBerry” in the flesh.

For a pre-production unit, this sure looks gorgeous, although we have to mention off the bat Mercury was never a thing. Not according to the new exclusive global manufacturer and distributor of BlackBerry-branded mobile devices, TCL, which also silently helped make the touchscreen-only DTEK50 and 60, based on Alcatel-labeled designs.

This time, China-headquartered TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited (TCT) tries to keep the physical QWERTY keyboard torch burning, following up BB’s in-house Priv with a decidedly slimmer, prettier, less weird non-slide-out Android phone.

While waiting for TCL to christen the mysterious “New BlackBerry”, and share something, anything specific on features and internals, our own Jaime Rivera was lucky to play around with its beautiful metallic build, textured back, signature keyboard (sporting unusually large keys), capacitive menu navigation, top left power button, and surprise, surprise, space bar-included fingerprint scanner.

His early hands-on conclusion? A lot of potential here, but with so much information still up in the air, it’s probably wise to contain our excitement.


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