How long have we been waiting for a new Apple TV? The most recent hardware is well over two years old at this point, and rumors keep returning to the idea that a next-gen box is on its way. While we’ve heard some stories about what to expect from the new hardware, especially when it comes to the unit’s remote control, rumor after rumor has arrived without any sign of the new box actually landing; WWDC came and went this year without any new Apple TV. Now the latest report looks to September, claiming that a next-gen Apple TV is nearly ready to arrive, and will do so alongside the next generation of iPhones.

As we heard before, a touchpad-based remote should arrive with the new Apple TV, which will itself get a big silicon upgrade to Apple’s A8 SoC. That upgrade, along with a storage boost, will help prepare Apple TV for third-party apps, which should finally arrive thanks to new App Store support. Siri integration could also play a major role in how the box operates, and a cosmetic refresh is rumored to deliver a slimmer, sleeker external design.

But while this new Apple TV could be in the pipeline for September, Apple isn’t expected to announce any new streaming TV service alongside it; while those plans are supposed to exist, they could instead be working towards a launch that would fall sometime in the new year. That may not make for great synergy, but at least it would give Apple a head start on making sure users had hardware ready to take advantage of its new offering.

Source: BuzzFeed

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