‘A lot’ of new Alphabet companies will be announced soon, top exec claims

Things are starting to settle down on the heels of Google’s recent shocking reorganization announcement, and so, it might be time to fill in the blanks of the alphabet soup of companies structured under the Alphabet umbrella.

As you may have guessed by recapping the 26 traditional Latin letters, Calico, Capital, Fiber, the more streamlined Sundar Pichai-led Google, Life Sciences, Nest, Ventures, and X should be joined soon by other Alphabet subsidiaries.

“A lot” of them, according to Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, and you probably shouldn’t set a limit of just 19. After all, two businesses are already sharing C, and “transcendental numbers” could always be used if Alphabet’s head honchos get bored with letters. Yes, really, says Schmidt, though he obviously doesn’t go into detail regarding what a π company would possibly focus on. Perhaps pies and related pastry products?

That’s highly unlikely, albeit the newly formed conglomerate is looking to cover the most diverse areas of research, from health care to self-driving vehicles, biotechnology, venture capital, home automation, plus anything and everything that has to do with the world wide web, gadgets in general, and mobile tech in particular.

Oh, and remember how confused you got when the Alphabet name surfaced out of nowhere back in August? Apparently, Eric Schmidt himself was surprised to “wake up” as the giant’s chairman, given “we sort of announced it without actually knowing which companies it would be, so we’re still working the details.” Well, that explains the lingering mystery and vagueness.

Source: Recode

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