New 3D Android Phone Won’t Require Glasses

After Sharp had announced that the company would be bringing a 3D phone to the market without the need for active shutter or passive 3D glasses, a trio of companies have partnered to show off a 3D Android prototype at the GTC 2010 conference. NVIDIA, rumored to provide the concept phone with a Tegra processor, has teamed up with Scaleform and Master Image, to show off a concept that could make it to launch in the latter half of 2011. According to Android and Me, which was present at GTC, it was the “best glasses-free 3D” experience and that the video, re-posted below, doesn’t do the technology any justice. With 3D on a phone without the need for glasses, a whole new dimension of Android games could come to Android Market.

Image above is not of the 3D prototype phone shown off and is used for illustrative purposes only.

(via: PhoneArena and Android and Me)

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