Back in 2017, we got to review the first crowd-developed Tablet PC. It was called the Eve V. See “Eve V review: how does the crowd make a tablet PC?” It was designed by community members, volunteers, and donors and feature decisions were voted on by the community in order to decide which direction the device should take in its development. Today, Eve is announcing the new version of the Eve V for 2021 and pre-orders also begin today. The whole history of the design process is available on Eve’s website. It’s really fascinating to see random people come together to contribute to the common good of building a really nice tablet PC.

What’s new

The 2021 version of the Eve V will have a good number of changes from the original 2017 model.

The screen size has increased from 12.3″ to 13.4″ due to narrower bezels. We still have bezels because it’s a tablet PC convertible and you need some edge space in order to be able to hold the device without activating on-screen elements. We’ve also got new HDR support on the 3840×2400 pixel screen and Gorilla Glass Victus. It’s still 100% sRGB color gamut (90% DCI-P3).

The pen technology has dropped Microsoft’s N-Trig tech and has switched to the Wacom AES 2.0 tech with 4096 pressure sensitivity levels and tilt recognition. I’m personally excited about this since I find Wacom’s digitizer tech to be much more accurate than Microsoft’s N-Trig tech. Also, it doesn’t require a battery in the pen. (Wacom EMR tech doesn’t require a battery in the pen, Wacom AES does.)

The new Eve V also adds support for Windows Hello facial recognition, while keeping the fingerprint reader in the power button as well. The new kickstand now has a wider range of display angles and the speaker audio has been improved with user-facing speakers.

Of course the internal specs are getting updated as well. The new Eve V will have 11th generation Intel Tiger Lack-U processors (Core i5-1135G7 or Core i7-1165G7) with Intel Irix Xe graphics. You’ll have more memory options (16Gb or 32Gb) and faster WiFi 6 & Bluetooth 5.0, too. Some models will offer 4G LTE connectivity as well.

These new models will also include a fan for cooling. The original Eve V did not use a fan, and the back would get noticeably hot when giving it too much work. The new cooling system should be better for heavy workloads like video conference calls.

The new Eve V will change its port structure as well. The previous Eve V had only one USB-C Thunderbolt 3 port. The new one will have two Thunderbolt 4 ports. There will also be one USB-C 3.2 port, a 3.5mm audio jack, and a MicroSD card slot. It’s a little disappointing that the 2 USB-A ports have been removed as many accessories and phones still come with USB-A cables.

Seven configurations of the new 2021 Eve V will be available as described in the above chart.


A $300 down payment will reserve your Eve V today and then you’ll have to pay the remainder before it ships. The first 500 units will have an extra low price and then the price will go up periodically as it gets closer to shipping, so if you want to save some money, pre-order now.

Look for pre-order information on the Eve Devices website.

Adam has had interests in combining technology with art since his first use of a Koala pad on an Apple computer. He currently has a day job as a graphic designer, photographer, systems administrator and web developer at a small design firm in Westchester, NY. His love of technology extends to software development companies who have often implemented his ideas for usability and feature enhancements. Mobile computing has become a necessity for Adam since his first Uniden UniPro PC100 in 1998. He has been reviewing and writing about smartphones for since they first appeared on the market in 2002. Read more about Adam Lein!
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