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The new and upcoming 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro devices will feature an upgraded 1080p web camera. The current camera on the latest MacBooks is only a 720p “FaceTime HD” camera, which is decent, since it hasn’t aged well.

Dylandkt, a leaker, says that the new upcoming 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros will receive “an updated, improved 1080p webcam” alongside the “entire Mac lineup”(via MacRumors).

The latest generation of Apple Mac, the 24-inch iMac features a 1080p web camera, and it shows a much needed upgrade on the quality. The current generation MacBook Air and MacBook Pro devices are stuck with a 720p sensor. The quality of the sensor has not changed, Apple simply states that thanks to the M1 processor, the image quality has received a number of changes to look better.

There isn’t much else that we know or are confirmed about the new 14 or 16-inch MacBook Pro devices. The new Pro laptops will feature a HDMI, an SD card reader and MagSafe is also rumored to make a comeback. The Touch Bar will allegedly be scraped and fully removed, it will be replaced with the old physical function keys instead. There were some rumors of the 2021 series to feature a mini-LED display technology, and we’ve only recently heard that this finally might be the case with the next generation of MacBook Pro devices and upcoming iPads.

The new MacBook Pro devices are expected to come with a new, improved version of the M1 chipset. The new devices are also rumored to come with a new design, with flat edges, similar to the new iPad Pros, alleged new Apple Watch and the iPhones. The new MacBook Pro series are expected to be announced sometime this fall, likely in a separate, dedicated event after the new iPhone series are announced.

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