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Netflix – an app that is our best weekend companion, and also the one that gives us some serious guilt trip after bingeing a whole season or two, and not finishing the long-overdue chores. Now, our entertainment overlords at Netflix have come up with a new trick that will bait you into watching more content. As if automatically downloading content based on your taste was not enough? The new feature is called Fast Laughs – a vertically scrolling feed of short clips from TV shows and movies that will make you chuckle.

You can watch, react to, and share these short clips, or play the whole show with a single tap

At the bottom of the app’s homepage, you will now see a Fast Laughs option that will open this whole new world of short clips from Netflix’s library of sitcoms, comedy shows, movies, and stand-ups. So essentially, if you’re not in a mood to watch a whole episode for some laughs scattered in between, Netflix is serving just those chuckle-worthy segments straight to your eyes and tired mind.

And as soon as one clip ends, the other one begins, making sure that you remain hooked with the ‘JUST ONE MORE CLIP TO SEE WHAT’s NEXT‘ sentiment. But wait, Netflix is not letting you off that easily. The screen will have a dedicated button that will play the full show or movie from which the Fast Laughs clip was sourced.

Fast Laughs in now live on iPhones, and is coming to the Netflix app on Android soon

Plus, there is also a share button that lets you send those Fast Laughs short videos to friends via apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Twitter. And, if you’re commuting or too occupied to watch a 40-minute episode, there is a button to let you add that show to your favorites list for watching it later.

And since we are talking about laughing and chuckling, there will be a LOL button as well to let you react in joy digitally, letting the folks over at Netflix know that you’re enjoying the new feature and helping them make more money. Fast Laughs is now live on the Netflix app for iPhone in select countries, and testing will soon begin on the Android app as well.

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