It often happens that you subscribe to a service, use it for a bit, and then eventually forget about it. Some folks (read: very rich people) do this with Netflix, but in what appears to be a goodwill gesture, Netflix will deactivate the subscription of accounts whose users have been paying for it but haven’t used the service for quite some time. How long exactly?

New subscribers who haven’t watched anything in the past one year or old customers whose account activity has been zero for two years are subject to qualifying as dormant accounts. In such cases, Netflix will send an email to the owners, asking if they want to continue paying for the service.

If they don’t reply, Netflix will cancel their subscription. And for those who get their subscription canceled and rejoin within 10 months, they’ll find their favorites, profiles, and viewing preferences intact. However, Netflix says “only a few hundred thousand” accounts are collecting dust and they are already factored in the company’s financial guidance.

Source: Netflix

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