Netflix, which has long been rumored to be available on a number of various platforms, has made a big iOS splash with the iPad and committed itself to the iPhone. The company has also demoed a Windows Phone 7 app and is now exploring the possibilities of bringing streaming movies and TV shows to an Android handset near you. The company has posted a job listing seeking a person to “help us build Instant Streaming client implementations on Android devices.”

If you’re looking to get your streaming content over mobile 3G in the future when Netflix is ready to roll out its Android offering, you may want to steer clear of AT&T, which has killed off unlimited data plans, unless you’ve been grandfathered into the old data terms. The Netflix app would join the Blockbuster app on the Droid X smartphone and will compete with Hulu Plus app on the rival iOS platform.

(via: IntoMobile)

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