Netflix introduces Android Wear integration, social recommendations

Slowly but surely, Android Wear adoption by major companies has been on the rise. The latest heavyweight to join the list is Netflix, having just announced Netflix Android Wear integration through the use of its blog, which can be nothing but good for the relatively-new platform. Let’s take a look at what’s new in the app, shall we?

Two main features have been added: the Android Wear support, and some social integration. The latter has been present on other platforms for a while now, and Netflix has finally just ported it over to Android.

The changes are best described in Netflix’s own words:

First, we’re taking full advantage of the rich Android push notification capabilities to add images and action buttons that let you to watch, get more info, or thank your friend for a recommendation.

Second, for Android smartwatch users, we’ve created an Android Wear integration that alerts you when you’ve received a recommendation, and lets you watch, thank, play, or get more details on the show.

The social features look to be live on Google Play already, though we’re assuming that the updating enabling Android Wear support will be available soon if it isn’t already processing on the store.

Source: Netflix
Via: Android Central

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