NEC is no stranger to smartphones, but much like Sharp, it’s not a manufacturer we get to talk about much, with the lion’s share of its handsets never crossing the Pacific from Asia. It popped on our radar a little earlier this year when we saw the crazy dual-screened NEC Medias W at the Mobile World Congress, but that was the exception that proves the rule. Surprisingly, it now seems that an NEC Android could be fixing to come to US shores after all, upon a render leaking of the NEC Terrain for AT&T.

As if being an NEC model wasn’t enough, we’re cranking-up the unusual factor here by way of the Terrain also being a portrait-mode QWERTY design, an increasingly uncommon choice for Androids. That form factor alone could win the Terrain some fans.

We’re currently at a loss for specs on the Terrain, but we’re not too optimistic about it having much in the way of killer hardware; these portrait QWERTY models are rarely speed demons. The phone’s name has us wondering if this might be a ruggedized model to one extent or another, and while it does look to have a nice thick edge, it’s not quite the over-the-top design we sometimes see with models like this.

We’ve yet to hear anything about a potential launch date, not any details on pricing.

Source: evleaks (Twitter)

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