LG G6, Samsung Galaxy Book, Huawei P10 impressions & more – MWC 2017 recap (Video)

As the dust finally settles on a 2017 Mobile World Congress that somehow perfectly combined nostalgia with luxurious modernity, seeing a number of industry underdogs rise to the occasion and steal the spotlight left unattended by the show’s traditional stopper, it’s time to let our own Jaime Rivera and Juan Bagnell get some sleep.

It’s well-earned and especially well-needed, judging by the exhausted looks on the two Pocketnow editors’ faces as they round up the most interesting and polarizing MWC 2017 announcements before leaving Barcelona.

There were many new phones that caught our attention, just the one smartwatch, and surprisingly, a bunch of undead tablets with convertible modes and productivity-centric accessories. A few devices that don’t necessarily look game-changing at a first glance (at least not in a good way) definitely deserve more in-depth reviews, possibly hiding certain tricks up their sleeves.

Both the refocused Huawei Watch 2 and iterative P10 may grow on you once you give them a chance, while the LG G6 is arguably everything the G5 should have been… on the surface. Speaking of Surface, Microsoft’s 2-in-1 PC family continues to spawn copycats and contenders, including the very intriguing Samsung Galaxy Book and Alcatel PLUS 12.

Bottom line, please don’t tell us your favorite product of the trade fair was the “modern” Nokia 3310.

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