Samsung Galaxy S8 teaser, LG G6 launch & more – MWC 2017 Boots On Ground (Video)

Anybody excited about the jam-packed week ahead of us, when everyone from Samsung to LG, Huawei, Motorola, OPPO, ZTE, Sony and even Nokia and BlackBerry are set to unveil and showcase new technologies, sizzling hot commercial products, as well as groundbreaking early concepts and prototypes?

Let’s hope our all-star team of MWC 2017 correspondents, comprised of Editor-in-Chief Anton D. Nagy, Multimedia Manager Jaime Rivera and Senior Editor Juan Carlos Bagnell, is not only that, but also well-rested.

It looks like tons of caffeine, loads of youthful enthusiasm and, ideally, some sort of teleportation device will be needed for the three musketeers to handle at least the show’s “Day 0”, aka Sunday, with Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung incredibly enough sharing the early spotlight.

Let’s not forget about BlackBerry, or rather TCL, which is actually scheduled to jump the gun first, on Saturday, followed by many others on Monday and Tuesday. Technically, the festivities should last all the way through Thursday, March 2, but after such an outrageously eventful (premature) start, we can probably cut Anton, Jaime and Juan some slack.

Just kidding, guys! After all, who needs sleep when you have the world’s best new smartphones (and a few tablets and smartwatches too) to energize and empower you? Buckle up, y’all, ‘cause we’re in for a heck of a ride!

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