Prepaid carrier Ultra Mobile’s consumer wholesale branch, Mint SIM, has rolled off of its promotional pricing with a new scheme.

Mint SIM lets users pay an upfront fee for unlimited voice, text and data service for multi-month blocks at a generally lower cost against the monthly model most every other carrier uses — talk about prepaid, this is as “pre” as you can get. The service, which piggybacks off of T-Mobile’s network, debuted last year.

For reference, here’s the introductory cost table with the effective monthly rate per tier listed next to the upfront cost in parentheses. Voice and text use are unlimited, but it’s the LTE-speed data allotment users pay more or less for:

Term 2GB 5GB 10GB
1 month $35 ($35) $50 ($50) $60 ($60)
3 months $26.67 ($80) $40 ($120) $50 ($150)
6 months $25 ($150) $33.33 ($200) $45.83 ($275)
12 months $20.83 ($250) $30.42 ($365) $41.67 ($500)

Beyond the high-speed bucket, speeds are throttled to 128kbps.

Here’s the promotional pricing the company rolled out the front half of this year. Note the 1-month option dropping off the table — if you’re going to do wholesale, you might as well go full bore:

Term 2GB 5GB 10GB
3 months $11.67 ($35) $16.67 ($50) $20 ($60)
6 months $19.83 ($119) $28.17 ($169) $34.83 ($209)
12 months $16.58 ($199) $24.92 ($299) $33.25 ($399)

And now, we have this latest table that brings up prices overall for the 3-month tiers, gives some incentive to medium-term subscribers and blasts the value up for the whole year:

Term 2GB 5GB 10GB
3 months $15 ($45) $20 ($60) $25 ($75)
6 months $18 ($108) $24 ($144) $30 ($180)
12 months $15 ($180) $20 ($240) $25 ($300)

The 1,000-foot view might look confusing on a monthly basis, but the fact is that wholesale prices have continued to come down. Combine this with major improvements on T-Mobile’s coverage and our assessment is that young Mint SIM’s value to consumers is increasing rapidly.

The company offers a 7-day money back guaranteed trial for new customers and has now partnered with Best Buy to offer its plans in “soft bundles” with devices online. In fact, your best option might be to get a T-Mo phone — yes, that includes the iPhone — with a Mint SIM plan from Best Buy if you want it — the carrier is floating a $20 discount on all of its plans bough through the big box retailer.

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