Japan-based Murata will probably share Galaxy S8 battery supply with Samsung SDI

Desperate times call for desperate measures, while unusual times spawn unusual rumors and news stories. It’s certainly not very common to see a major smartphone manufacturer detail the safety precautions taken in advance of a new flagship release to ensure its battery will not spontaneously combust.

Meanwhile, Samsung is still reportedly in talks with potential cell suppliers for the fast-approaching Galaxy S8, which wouldn’t have been of much interest were it not for the explosive Note 7.

Remember, the world-leading mobile device vendor placed almost the entire blame on daughter company Samsung SDI and external parts provider Amperex Technology, vowing however to do a better job itself testing everything that will go inside the S8.

The smaller model is widely expected to pack a 3,000 mAh battery, with the larger variant boosting capacity around the 3,500 mAh mark, both numbers feeling a little conservative for how big the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus should be.

More importantly, Samsung eyes a new partner as backup for its SDI subsidiary, according to Asian press. Not arch-rival LG (duh), but rather Japan-based Murata Manufacturing, a component producer with many decades of experience, and starting just six months ago, even Sony’s expertise in this field under its belt.

Sounds like a reliable prospective ally, although no deal is (officially) in place yet, and Samsung SDI will probably remain the principal supplier anyway. But hey, baby steps.

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