Motorola could be working on multiple new tablets

We’ve been hearing a surge of Motorola news as of late, and the reason for that may be because of the sheer number of phones and tablets the company is working on. We’ve heard a report suggesting there could be eight devices out of the company by the end of this year, and now we’re hearing information letting us know that multiple new Motorola tablets are also possibly in the pipeline.

According to anonymous sources of PhoneArena, Motorola is testing various screen sizes for tablets — anything from 7 inches to 12.5 inches could materialize if the company decides to go through with it. The 7-incher is said to be one of the devices farther along in the development process, and that makes sense as this screen size has proven successful in many earlier tablets from the likes of Asus.

It’s unclear, says PhoneArena‘s source, whether the 11.5 and 12.5-inch slates will ever make it beyond the testing phase. We also hear some early specs for the 7-incher — apparently the Snapdragon 801 is being used on the test units right now, but a Tegra K1 from NVIDIA is expected to power the final version.

As for when we can expect these tablets to drop? The answer is a vague “summer 2015,” says the source.

Source: PhoneArena

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