Are you a hapless Lumia owner? Disappointed by Microsoft on how it’s handled software for its latest flagships? Disappointed at the darn flagship hardware? Well, we might not be able to do much for you for the first two, but Mozo can definitely help out on the last one.

The Microsoft store now has the Finnish craftsmaker’s cognac (or “Brown” as the outlet inelegantly puts it) leather back cover for the Lumia 950 XL, the black leather cover for the Lumia 950 and two covers for the Lumia 550 — one is a flip cover with a leather-style finish while the other is a cyan rubberized cover.

The 950 XL’s cover rings up $50 at checkout while the Lumia 950’s cover goes for $40. The Lumia 550 Flip Cover is $16, $2 more than the regular Back Cover.

Pretty limited selection, but hey, it’s expanding as we know it — and it’s a few bucks off what Mozo would have you pay direct (though still higher than Amazon prices).

Source: Microsoft Store, Mozo, Amazon
Via: Windows Central

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