Mozilla cuts 50 jobs in connected devices, Firefox OS falls to IoT focus

Mozilla is on a slope of concern — active use of Firefox has slipped and Firefox OS has always been hanging by a shoestring. The string just got cut.

50 staffers of the connected devices unit — including its SVP, Ari Jaaksi — are out of a job at the non-profit. The crew worked on Firefox OS for the duration of their shelf life, a struggling platform that snagged a few phones years ago, then fell into a lightweight class of software add-on. Firefox OS died last May. Smart TVs continue to be a fractious market, but one thing’s certain: competitors were able to squeeze out Firefox in the sector.

Now what? Well, the ship has been turning around into Internet of Things efforts for a long time, but the projects in incubation are targeting goals that are still far off into the future yet. Mozilla is signing some of those newly unemployed people back up in other capacities and is, overall, growing its office occupancy. There’s hope yet that Mozilla will be relevant to our coverage pattern down the road.

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