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Move away 5nm, 3nm chips coming in 2023

By Anton D. Nagy October 28, 2019, 2:00 pm

We’re currently rocking 7nm+ EUV chips in our latest flagship smartphones at best, and 5nm production isn’t slated to commence until 2020 — and 5nm+ in 2021 — but we’re already looking to the future where 3nm chips will power our upcoming flagships.

A recent report claims that TSMC has done a lot of research and investment which is now being materialized in constructions plans for its next fab (a silicon wafer manufacturing plant), where 3nm chips will be mass-produced in 2023.

The production facility will be built on the 30 hectares of land TSMC purchased in the Southern Taiwan Science and Technology Park. Construction will reportedly begin next year, in order to have everything ready for chip production in 2023.

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