Now that Google’s in charge of Motorola Mobility, where’s the Motorola Android super-phone, conceived by the best creative minds from each camp and destined to arrive on the smartphone market with a bang? We heard Google’s Larry Page talking along those lines a little earlier this month, explaining that we haven’t seen anything like that yet at least partly because the two companies hadn’t had enough time to work together since the acquisition. Well, it sounds like they may finally be getting down to business, as some new rumors outline plans for a Motorola “X phone” super-Android.

The Wall Street Journal cites sources “familiar with the matter” describing Motorola’s engineers hard at work on this X phone, which is supposed to be a big part of Google’s 2013 Android strategy. Motorola is said to be concentrating its development efforts on a limited number of higher-quality Androids, splitting its attention between new Droid models for Verizon and this X phone project.

What we don’t have yet are any many specifics about the X phone hardware (or software, for that matter). Sources mention special care being given to things like camera quality, photo software, and achieving good battery life. There could also be a focus on new hands-free gesture controls, utilizing the phone’s cameras.

Reportedly, Motorola was interested in attention-grabbing design elements like a flexible screen or a colorful variety of ceramic body types, but it doesn’t sound like either ended up making the cut.

In addition to the X phone, Motorola will also supposedly release a similarly high-end X tablet.

Source: Wall Street Journal
Image: Android Blog

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