Rumors of Motorola’s “X Phone” popped up last month, supposedly arriving as one of the company’s 2013 flagship models. Even though Google is reportedly going to be heavily involved with the phone’s release, to the extent that it might even be announced at Google I/O, there has been some reason to believe that this isn’t a full-on collaboration, but could be something Motorola had started working on before Google even acquired the company. Regardless of those details of its development, it sure sounds like it could be one of the big phones to arrive this summer. While we’ve yet to see any sort of official confirmation of the handset, we may have just gotten a little closer, upon the discovery of a Motorola job posting for a Senior Director of Product Management to oversee the X Phone’s release.

The posting, listed by Motorola Mobility, used to be up on LinkedIn, but since news of this story broke, the listing has subsequently been taken down. There are a lot of different ways we could read that retraction, and it’s certainly odd to see an unconfirmed phone name displayed so publicly like that, and in a job title no less, so we’re hesitant to call this full-on confirmation of the device. Still, it’s an interesting development to witness, and we’re curious to see if Motorola re-lists the job under a different (and X-Phone-less) name.

Source: LinkedIn (down)
Via: Phandroid

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