Motorola users accuse company of refusing to issue under-warranty replacements

Modern smartphones may offer some fantastic value for their price, but when even a moderately expensive handset can still set you back several hundred dollars, this isn’t an investment to be taken lightly. That’s why we carefully research our options before buying, hunt around for a good deal, protect our handsets with durable cases, and take solace in the knowledge that even if the hardware turns out to be faulty, our purchase is covered by a warranty. When your phone stops working through no fault of your own, you look to the manufacturer to set things right, but now we’re hearing that for a growing number of Motorola users, getting the company to honor its warranty and issue a replacement device has been like getting blood from a stone.

Over on Reddit yesterday, user Dr_No_It_All posted not just his own accounts with poor Motorola warranty service, but gathered up a number of additional stories from other users wronged by the company in similar ways.

A running theme throughout many of these accounts is that Motorola recognizes these device failures and admits that it should hook their owners up with replacements, but the company claims that it simply has no stock of replacement hardware to draw from.

We’re not talking about ancient devices, either: Motorola’s telling users that it doesn’t have current-gen phones like the Moto X Pure Edition or the third-gen Moto G it can send them.

But Motorola’s still selling these phones, isn’t it? Absolutely, but apparently “new retail stock” and “whatever level of refurbishment is required to send out a used device as a warranty replacement” are streams that must never be crossed. Some users in these reports have supposedly been told that orders on-high from “corporate” have prohibited support staff from taking measures to sufficiently deal with warranty claims.

We’ve reached out to Motorola to see if it has any comment on these allegations.

Update: Motorola has responded in a statement saying:

We are looking into the device warranty complaints that have been reported. We strive for exceptional customer service and we greatly value our loyal consumers and their continued support.

Source: Dr_No_It_All (Reddit)
Via: The Droid Guy

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