Motorola over-the-air wireless charging

Motorola showcased its over-the-air wireless charging solution at CES this year, and it made some big upgrades and improvements to the technology. It can now charge multiple devices at once, and the distance it can charge from has also been tripled.

Motorola shared a video on Weibo (via XDA-Developers) that showcases the next generation of over-the-air wireless charging solution. In the video, you can see that up to four devices can be charged simultaneously and that it can charge up to 3 meters away without any problems. 

 The demo also tells us the new charger has 1,600 antennas built inside the new model to ensure it can reach the device and find it. This explains why the charger itself is significantly larger than the previous generation. Speaking of the previous generation, it could only charge up to 1-meter away, while the next generation could do 3 meters. The new solution can also charge devices when there is an obstruction, and it won’t cut out as easily as the previous designs. Additionally, the new charger can work and cover a wider area, and it can charge devices placed within a 100-degree cone in front of it. 

Multiple companies are competing to be the “first” to go on the market with a working product, although these are still not ready to get into the hands of consumers. Xiaomi and Oppo are both working on their solutions. However, their technology could only charge one device at a time, and it could easily disconnect if something blocked the device from receiving the signal. Oppo’s solution only works at a very close distance, and the phone can only be placed inches away from the charger.

We are clearly a few years away from seeing anything meaningful, and Motorola might be onto something with this generation. If the company can further improve the distance, make it harder to disconnect if something or someone blocks the signal, it could turn out to be a good candidate for a first-generation consumer-ready product.

    Motorola Edge (2021)

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