Motorola to Microsoft: We’re Waiting for Windows Mobile 7

If you’re expecting a Windows Mobile 6.5 device from Motorola, don’t hold your breath as the company is actually not making any plans until Windows Mobile 7 hits the market. The news should come as little surprise. The last device that Motorola made that ran Windows Mobile in the US was the Moto Q9h.

Since then, Motorola has maintained a low profile until recently when the firm unveiled the Android-based Moto CLIQ in San Francisco, CA; that device will focus on social networking and communications.

According to Motorola, the firm is waiting for the next generation of platform from Microsoft. Though there is no certainty that Motorola will use Windows Mobile 7 from that statement, it is clear that the firm has no intentions at this time to implement Windows Mobile 6.5, which has seen a mixed bag of reviews when it launched on October 6.

(via: PhoneScoop)

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