Device security is very important, especially as we begin to trust our smartphones with more and more sensitive data – work emails, private conversations, or even banking information. Personal devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are far more private than most other types of electronics. As such, they should be treated with care and likely password or PIN protected.

The unfortunate side effect is having to type a PIN or password dozens of times every day, which is quite tedious and can grow to be rather frustrating.

However, Motorola’s latest accessory aims to end this dreaded password fatigue. It’s called Motorola Skip, and it’s nothing more than an NFC-enabled magnetic clip. Snap it somewhere on your clothing and every time you want to unlock your phone, simply tap your (new) Motorola phone to it. It’s simple, but there’s more to it than just that. Watch the video to learn more about Motorola Skip and the Moto X’s security features!

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