Motorola Site Redesign Tips Xoom 2, Watchphone, More? (Images)

Motorola appears to be in the midst of a site redesign following its split earlier this year, and with it comes evidence of several new devices. Besides a followup to the Xoom, it seems that Moto’s working on a pair of thin-looking Android handsets referred to as Slimline and Zaha, along with a watchphone, of all things, called Tracy XL. It’s unlikely that the names being used here represent final product branding — with the possible exception of Xoom 2 — as they sound more like codenames than consumer-facing brands (then again, we would have said the same thing about an “Atrix”). Check out the rest of the screenshots below, where you’ll also see mention of Targa along with a phone being called Pearl.

Update: We just realized that the phones are pictured in the same order as the infographic in the upper right hand corner, which would make that bottom gray handset in the above photo the rumored Targa — or so we think.

Update 2: Images removed at the request of Motorola Mobility, Inc.

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