Nexus hardware rumors have picked up as of late, after scares from late last year and earlier this year that the line of Google-made smartphones and tablets had seen its fate sealed. Along with the constant flow of rumors concerning the HTC Nexus 9, we’ve been hearing steady whispers of a Motorola Nexus phone as well. Today, a report from 9to5Google (along with a follow-up piece from Android Police) looks to corroborate what we’ve previously heard, as well as bring some new information into the mix.

One of the first things we heard about the “Shamu” was the display size, which was rumored to be 5.9 inches – the largest Nexus phone yet, and by quite a bit, too. That claim is backed up in the 9to5Google report, which claims there’s a QHD (quad, not quarter) 5.92-inch screen with a pixel density of 498ppi.

There’s also apparently a 3,200 mAh battery, 13MP camera on the rear (with a 2MP front companion), a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, and three gigabytes of RAM on-board. Note that these specs sound awfully similar to another rumored Motorola phone, the Droid Turbo / Quark that we’re expecting to see launching on Verizon any day now. It’s entirely possible that this Shamu is using the Verizon phone as a design reference.

Android Police has also added to the information provided by 9to5Google, stating that the dimple on the back (which you can see in the render below, which is allegedly based off of a real device) is actually a fingerprint scanner for biometric authentication. Additionally, the phone will reportedly only have a 32-bit architecture, despite Android L’s inbuilt support for the desktop-class 64-bit.

The phone itself, as you can see below, looks like an oversized Moto X with a few buttons moved around – not a terrible look if you ask us. It’s expected to be available for purchase this November. What’s your take, though? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Source: 9to5Google, Android Police

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