If Samsung’s Galaxy Fold has taught us anything, it is that foldable smartphones are extremely fragile. But Motorola has a slightly different take on it. The company says ‘bumps and lumps’ on the Moto RAZR’s display are normal, since it is a foldable panel after all.

In a video titled ‘Caring for razr’, Motorola emphasizes that the screen is made to bend, which means users should not worry too much about bumps and bends. To recall, Samsung received a lot of flak for the unsightly crease on the Galaxy Fold’s display, while the bumps caused the panel to malfunction.

Motorola, however, advises users to keep sharp objects away from the Moto RAZR’s panel. And since it comes with a pre-applied protective layer, there is no need for a third-party screen protector. Oh, and don’t forget to close it before putting it in your pocket.

Source: YouTube
Via: The Verge

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